Letitia and Alex explore daily life

Letitia Power + Alexander Henry

A place to document our travels and adventures.
Laying in bed one rainy San Francisco evening Alex and I were reflecting on our achievements in 2016. We had forgotten a lot of what we had accomplished and the adventures we had shared together through the year. This is a place for us to document and share our travels with friends, family and the world wide web so they’re not forgotten; Hello World! We’ve decided to keep posts light, quirky and fun, and let the pictures do most of the talking. We’ll talk about travels, adventures, creations and anything that comes to mind. – Letitia
During the day Letitia is a producer at Apple, and I am a freelance product designer. During evening and weekends you’ll find Letitia whipping up her next Kombucha, homemade yogurt, or Chickpea chocolate chip cookie batch, and me (Alex here) drawing, playing piano and getting lost in the next Alan De Votton book (my favorite being Status Anxiety). Enjoy our words, and if you don’t that’s cool also. – Alex